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High Quality Doesn’t Always Mean High Cost When You Shop with BannerFlex

Banner Bracket Hardware

If you’re visiting our website, you already know that BannerFlex’s Banner Brackets are the absolute highest quality products in the street light banner bracket business. As a result of our reputation for quality, a lot of people assume that we’re also the most expensive brackets in the business. To them, we can confidently say…

…Not true!

First and foremost, the actual cost of BannerFlex products lies somewhere in the middle of the market’s price range. Even though they offer superior features, we are able to reduce costs by using modern technology and materials. This is what lends BannerFlex products their high strength, high efficiency profiles and increased flexibility. Designed in CAD format by professional engineers and designers, our products excel where our competitors’ products fail: they are neither “over-designed” nor “under-designed.” Over designing results in unnecessary features that drive the cost up. Under designing leads to reduced quality and reliability. By falling perfectly in the middle, BannerFlex Banner Brackets offer the ideal combination of strength and affordability.

Second, based on an assessment of their average life cycles, the durability of BannerFlex products provides and amazing return on your investment. Our ten-year warranty is a great way to understand what you can expect: years and years of reliable, tried-and-true performance. During that time, if you experience any problems: we will replace the product.

And that’s that! Simple enough: BannerFlex provides superior quality, service and value. If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing your banner bracket hardware, we encourage you to take a look at our online shop. And, of course, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

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The BannerFlex Guide

The BannerFlex Guidebook was created for anyone looking to use banner brackets to hang vertical street banners. Filled with the information that you need to make an informed decision, the book aims to educate readers about the benefits of the BannerFlex system. From the use of fiberglass arms and stainless steel bands to the use of "canted" banner arms, BannerFlex is engineered to maintain a taut, visually appealing installation that mounts to every light pole's exact cross section. To learn more about the best possible choice for exterior light pole banner hardware, download the BannerFlex Guidebook.


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