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The 3 Best Places to Hang Your Light Pole Banners


Thanks to the advanced strength and durability of BannerFlex banner brackets, there has never been more opportunity to find the right spot for your banners. Wind-force tested up to 100 miles per hour, our banner hardware is durable beyond compare. On top of that, our 12-year warranty is second to none. At BannerFlex, we’re in it for the long haul.

However, great power necessitates great responsibility. You might be asking yourself: where should I hang up my light pole banners? Well, unlike your banners, we won’t leave you hanging. In this month’s blog post, we’re discussing 3 of the best places to hang your light pole banners.

1. Downtown

The natural place to start hanging your banners is downtown. That said, “downtown” is a pretty big area to cover if you live in a city. We recommend scoping out any areas that have a high amount of foot traffic—particularly if there are shops nearby. If you’re trying to reach a particular demographic, then you may want to hang your banner where their foot traffic is highest. For example, you may want to hang your banner near local bars if you want to target people who drink alcohol.

2. Near Universities and College Campuses

Universities and college campuses are amazing places to hang your banners. Unfortunately, hanging banners on university grounds is generally allowed only for university organizations.

You’re not out of luck, though—the areas surrounding a campus are prime real estate for hanging your banners. Many college students enjoy visiting these businesses with friends after class, where they may relax and see your banner.

3. Along Parks and Recreational Areas

Keeping in line with the theme of walkable areas, parks and recreational facilities are ideal for hanging light pole banners.

No matter who you are, everyone likes spending time in the park. That means hanging your banner in or nearby is one of the best options for reaching a wide variety of audiences. On top of that, you’re increasing the odds that you’re reaching the audience when they’re in a good mood, since they’ll likely be on leisure time.

When it comes to hanging your banners, it’s best to get the job done right the first time and never worry about it again. To purchase banner brackets for your ideal banner location, click here to view our brackets today.

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