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Where to Place Your Banner Stand


In last month’s blog post, we discussed three of the best places to hang your light pole banners for maximum visibility. In that blog post, we discussed how hanging banners downtown, near universities, and along parks and recreational areas are some of the best ways to reach the widest audience.

This month, we want to do something similar for banner stands. Though banner stands are highly versatile in their own way, they have different strengths than light pole banners. So, we’re taking this month’s blog post to discuss three of the best places for a banner stand to reach your audience.

1. Trade Shows and Expos

Trade shows and expos are a great place to make use of banner stands for a wide variety of reasons.

High Foot Traffic. First and foremost, tradeshows and expos have really high foot traffic. Industry professionals, possible clients, and even competitors all mix and walk around during these events, making them the perfect venue for a banner stand.

Highly Focused Audience. On top of the high foot traffic, these events also benefit from an incredibly focused audience. At trade shows and expos, you’ll almost exclusively be dealing with an audience that’s exceptionally dedicated to your industry.

Brand Visibility. Because these venues generally have such a high concentration of industry veterans, you’ll they’re a great opportunity to raise brand awareness.

2. Retail Stores

Retail stores are another place that benefit greatly from banner stands—though, for different reasons than tradeshows and expos.

One of the strongest reasons to put a banner stand in your retail area is to increase point-of-sale conversions. Banner stands excel at drawing attention to certain areas, which is a great way to complement any products that you’re pushing at the moment.  On top of that, you can even use your banner stands to improve store layout and direct foot traffic. Place banner stands in walking areas so customers naturally get close to them, or even use them as barriers to direct customers toward your displays.

3. Corporate Offices and Reception

If your goal is to spread and enhance your company’s image, then placing banner stands in and around the entryways gives you a few advantages:

  1. Provide Visitor Information. Put essential information about your business on your banner stand to get visitors in the know in a matter of moments.
  2. Hone Your Professional Image. Define your professional image by adding in welcoming graphics that speak to your company’s professionalism, results, and reliability.
  3. Share Your Values. Reinforce and communicate your values for both customers and employees by using your banner to describe what your company stands for.

Spread Your Message with BannerFlex Banner Stands

Whether you own a fortune 500 company or a brand-new local business, banner stands are a classic way to market that stand the test of time. For more information or to purchase your own banner stands, click here to contact our team at BannerFlex today.

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