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Banner Stands that Withstand the Kalamazoo Winter

Banner stands at a bank ATM

With the winter here in full, marketing enters one of its most unique times of year. Though the winter generally makes buyers more timid and slows small business, the stock market generally improves and sales tend to increase. While this may seem contradictory on the surface, it actually makes quite a bit of sense.

Though bad weather (namely snow, ice, and blizzards) incentivizes consumers not to go out shopping or to spend money, most consumers spend an unusually high amount of money on the holidays and in preparation for bad weather. Therefore, the question on many business owners’ minds is: how can a business become a priority for wintertime consumers?

In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how banner stands can keep customers interested during the winter months and beyond.

Winter Weather Banner Stands

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that your banner marketing can’t flourish. Placing banner stands in areas where traffic slows down to a stop for an extended period of time (which is significantly more likely during the winter) can make a big difference in your marketing. Some effective places to place banner stands are:

  • Drive-Up ATMS
  • Gas Stations
  • Toll Booths
  • Office Entrances

Something to keep in mind with placing banner stands in colder climates is that they’ll tend to do better in roofed, outdoor areas. Here, any inclement weather won’t obstruct visibility of the banner, and drivers seeking to clean off their car outside of the snow will be able to see it.

Year-Round Banner Stand Performance

One of the distinct advantages of banner stands is that they work well year-round, not just in the winter. Our BannerFlex banner stands can be bolted into wood, concrete, and other materials, so they’re suitable for a wide variety of environments. Our banner stands are also customizable and come with options such as:

  • 48” and 72” height
  • Custom color availability
  • 16” and 42” widths
  • Spring-loaded banner tension

You can also replace the banners inside each stand, keeping your messaging current and flexible. At the same time, these banners are easily noticed by foot traffic as well as drivers, and lend an established, professional feeling to any operation.

Are you interested in effective marketing that will keep customers interested not just in winter, but year-round? If so, then BannerFlex banner stands may be the ideal choice for your business. Contact us today for more information on how you can use banner stands to spread your brand.

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