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Guided Purchasing

How do I know what type of bracket will work for my specific pole height and shape?

For structural advice, we urge you to consult your pole supplier or local engineer or architect to provide advice and inspection of the pole and foundation if necessary. Using data from our site as well as specifications of the pole's structural capabilities (from the manufacturer) most pole heights and shapes can be accommodated for display of one or two banners per pole. However, sometimes poles may not allow the size of banner that you prefer.

All shapes and cross-sections of poles can be accommodated. For fluted and ornamental poles consider the Metro. For round and hexagonal or octagonal all our models usually work very well. For square poles with flat faces of 5" or more we recommend Square Pole Adapters for both Metro and D3 versions. Brackets can also be bolted to poles in lieu of banding, in which case, Square Pole Adapters would not be necessary for faces of 5" or more.

The BannerFlex Guide

The BannerFlex Guidebook was created for anyone looking to use banner brackets to hang vertical street banners. Filled with the information that you need to make an informed decision, the book aims to educate readers about the benefits of the BannerFlex system. From the use of fiberglass arms and stainless steel bands to the use of "canted" banner arms, BannerFlex is engineered to maintain a taut, visually appealing installation that mounts to every light pole's exact cross section. To learn more about the best possible choice for exterior light pole banner hardware, download the BannerFlex Guidebook.


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